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Youmi Yogurt is a yogurt-based product, and it is the first to propose a new concept of filtered whey yogurt, which perfectly combines the concepts of “health” and “grain”. In terms of raw materials, Youmi has always adhered to the attitude of strict adjustment and selection, selecting even and full purple rice, operating 11 processes, and making super delicious natural yogurt with super natural high-quality yogurt.

 Young consumer groups have been pursuing “novelty”, “health” and “better experience”. By connecting yogurt with these elements, Youmi Yogurt has caught their limited attention and repeatedly conveyed more than products More meaning: young, fashion, trend, pay attention to quality, enjoy life.

Yomie’s Drink Series

There is a Little Something for Everyone to Enjoy !

Melon! Melon!

The sweet and fresh honeydew is slowly released in natural pure yogurt,
The milky fragrance is refreshing but not greasy, bringing the ultimate satisfying taste enjoyment.

Straw To My Berry

Sweet and Sour Juicy Fresh Strawberry Fusion in Naturally Fermented Tart
The milk is full of sweetness and fullness.


Must drink when entering the store! Dense balance of avocado and yogurt, refreshing
Rich taste, the favorite of young people.

Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt

The secret Q bomb soft glutinous purple rice + natural fermented sweet and sour yogurt, rich and mellow, High-vitamin, nutritional supplements for healthy coarse grains, chewed purple rice yogurt.